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Boys will be Boys.... Till someone teaches them to be more.


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​​"It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken men" - Fredrick Douglass

While girls are often raised to be "good wives", there’s no commensurate lesson for boys in many cultures. Many boys do not receive explicit encouragement to fully access their emotions and as a result, they are many angry, emotional unstable and men out there in our society today. With the increase in the rate of domestic violence in homes, and with husbands stabbing and maiming their wives on a daily basis, it is important that the next generation of men are deliberately taught how to treat women right, from when they are boys.

The 'BOYS TO MEN' Project was initiated to help to raise Boys to be good men. The Project is focused on giving boys an orientation of becoming good men for our girls, helping them grow into caring, confident, responsible men. The goal of the campaign is simple: TO RAISE GOOD MEN. A GOOD man will be a GOOD husband and a GOOD father. The Project runs with the support of primary and secondary schools, religious houses, youths groups, youth clubs and organisations that believe in the Goal of the Project. The Project works with these various groups, through raising the consciously of boys within the groups to recognize the strength in being empathetic and being able to express their emotions without shame. 

We recognise that Fathers have a vital role to play and responsibility to teach their sons how to be strong and responsible men as they grow up. But It is clear that many boys feel the absence of a father, or at least a positive father figure in their lives, hence they struggle to learn, or may never truly know what it means to become a GOOD man; one who shoulders responsibility, who values hard work and determination, and who will one day take on the responsibility of becoming a father and supporting a family.

In this regard, the Project works with MEN, who are not just responsible and respected fathers themselves, but also exemplary brothers and uncles, who join us in raising the next generation of GOOD MEN. Together we work to raise:
- Men that will kind and loving, treat women with the utmost value, and who will respect their opinions and rights and bodies and 

- Men that will serve others and not just want to be served themselves.
- Men that will look out for the underdog and use their strength to help those in need.
- Men that will know what it means to share in keeping house and home.
- Men that will have conviction and backbone, sensitivity and tact.
- Men that aren’t afraid or ashamed to cry and let out tension and emotions when they need to.
- Men that will make great husbands and fathers and employees and bosses.
- Men that will be both confident and humble.

- Men that believe there is dignity in Labour and not lie, cheat or destroy others o make a living or make money. 

To be part of and support this project, you can email us at: info@sheroes.eu

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