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SHEROES is a platform to recognize, celebrate and support the efforts, achievements and successes of women all over the world. 


To be a unifying platform where women's efforts are recognized, women celebrated, women encouraged to celebrate themselves, and empowered to be supportive of one another while being discouraged from putting other women down.

1. To identify women who inspire, influence and impact, and to 
recognize & celebrate them through the SHEROES Awards.

2. To source mentors and support the Mentorship of aspiring women by professionals and experts in their chosen field through the SHEROES Mentorship programme.

3. To encourage women to identify, develop and use their talents and skills through the SHEROES Women Academy.

4. To encourage women to take time to appreciate and pamper themselves through the SHEROES TIMEOUT.

5. To promote everything that impacts a woman positively (Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Sisterhood, Health, Relationship, Motherhood, Education, Technology, Business) through the      

     SHEROES Magazine. 

6. To identify and showcase the work and activities of outstanding women who use their talent and resources to inspire, influence and impact the lives of others through the SHEROES    

    TV series.

7. To give ears to the interests of women and create a forum where women can be free to express themselves divorced of fear, stress and oppression through the SHEROES  

8. To identify / create / make accessible, opportunities for women to grown and rise in their chosen career through the SHEROES Working Women Network. 

9. To raise greater awareness of the positive impact of women supporting and inspiring women through recognizing ordinary women who inspire, influence and impact in extraordinary  


10. To build knowledge and understanding of the forces and trends that undermine women empowerment & personal development and develop suitable strategies to address them.

SHEROES brand has 8 brances under its umbrella:
- Sheroes Awards

- Sheroes Working Women Network

- Sheroes Women Academy

- Sheroes Magazine

- Sheroes Mentorship Programme

- Sheroes Empowerment Workshop

​- Sheroes Charity projects

- Sheroes Timeout (1.Mum & Daughter 2. Sheroes Night out)

SHEROES is a subsidiary of D-Dymensions communications. 


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"I have learnt that the best way to become rich is to help others become rich, and to become a leader, build others to become leaders. In so doing, you build rich leaders, and in turn, you become the LEADER of rich leaders." ...Yemi Adenuga - SHEROES Founder.