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Founder - Speaking from experience and my heart

After experiencing Domestic Violence and Marital rape, Bernadette felt that she just could not bury this period of her life along with all the help and support she had obtained from Women’s Aid and The Dublin Rape Crisis Center.  

Growing up in a family where one parent suffered from mental illness she was always aware of the profound impact this had on her as a person and on family life.  Despite several searches, she never found the help she needed to understand this illness. Nor did she find help anywhere to deal with her memories of visiting a mental hospital as a child.  Nobody explained what was happening in her childhood world.   To help combat the problem of suicide in our society she became a certified Suicide Intervention Specialist.   She has also attended certified Women’s Aid courses to empower her better to assist victims of DV

In November 2014 she founded Speaking From Experience And My Heart.  She choose this name because her talks are based on her life lived experience which come straight from her heart to help others. 

Her mission is to have people learn from her experiences and to spare them the pain of passing through the same things she did, sometimes without advice or help.  It is also her aim to let people see the joy of life in all experiences because God doesn’t give us challenges that we cannot pass through                                            

To date she has spoken at numerous events and conferences about her experiences.  She spoke also at the launch of the Dublin Rape Crisis Center annual report 2015 and her blog ‘Just When I Needed Them Most!’  was printed in the report.

"Any woman can be a SHERO through her actions that inspire, influence and impact others. Keep doing the good you do, you never know whose life you're touching"... Yemi Adenuga - SHEROES Founder

      For empowering people       aspiring to advance in

their careers

CEO - Career Nugget
Morenike Ajayi currently works as the Assistant Director of Finance & Procurement with a London Housing Association. She is also the TV presenter and Executive producer of "Career Nuggets", a flagship programme via OHTV UN1TY app. 

Having mentored a few candidates, Morenike recognised that there are many whose mindsets and work ethics have held them back from aspiring for more.  Identifying the gap in the marketplace has compelled her to create "Career Nuggets" a social enterprise aiming to bridge this gap. 

Career Nuggets launched March 2015 and the successes have been overwhelming. She has a successful TV programme on OHTV and regularly receive numerous testimonies, comments and appreciations.

Morenike has formally mentored 18 people, who are now strategically placed in the workplace and have informally mentored many. She provided work experience places for 7 youths and paid employment places for 27 people.

CEO - Cairdeas Homeless Action Group, Ireland 
Lindi is a mother of five beautiful children. She got married to her amazing husband last June. She is currently a student studying to be a social worker. Lindi started Cairdeas Homeless Action in Nov 2014 and has been running the organisation successfully since then. In a very short time Cairdeas was  honoured by president Michael D Higgins in the Àras and Lindi was privileged to meet him and his lovely wide at the ceremony. Shortly after, Lindi was nominated for and won the Pride of Ireland award in the mansion house Dublin. She met the amazing Christina Noble who is her idol and who she aspires to be like.

 Since then Cairdeas has endeavoured to support, advocate, advise, love and befriend the homeless community of Dublin City and surrounding areas. Lindi also runs an out of hours service and her emergency contact number is active 24 hours a day. She also holds a soup kitchen 2 days a week on a Monday and Friday on Grafton street outside Bewleys between 8.30 and 11pm. In the time she has have faced many challenges, the most difficult challenge is going home and leaving behind the people who we care about in such a heartfelt way.

Since starting in 2014, Lindi and her team have come face to face with death, suffering, medical issues, stigma and Anguish, and they have continued regardless because their love and passion far outweighs anything negative they could ever be faced with. The love and bond they share with the homeless community who they have come to know as friends will never be broken.

 Lindi and the team aspire to be what they always have been, a group of ordinary people who refuse to allow the suffering of others go on at their doorstep. They have become experts at showing love to people they don’t know but who they love, care for, share with, advocate for, advise,  give, cry with, transport, go above and beyond for and most importantly, who they will unconditionally support. These are their homeless friends, who will remain their friends forever until they are treated with the support and help they deserve. No more and no less.


 For supporting and giving hope to the homeless

SHEROES Global AWARDS, a SHEROES Global Event, is an uplifting event where women from every walk of life who inspire, influence and impact are celebrated equally in one room. The annual Award celebrates who who inspire, influence and impact and reinforce the ideals of women solidarity. 

The ‘SHEROES Global AWARD ’ is a ‘once in a lifetime’ recognition Award (can only be received ONCE in a lifetime) and as such is one to be coveted by nominees and cherished for life by winners who become SHEROES.

To identify, recognize and celebrate ordinary women who do extraordinary things to positively inspire, influence and impact the lives of others.


         For supporting victims of         domestic violence, Suicide and depression